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Support to Parents and Students

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Support to Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Parents

Support to Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students

Construct a rich Chinese language learning environment and an inclusive campus with school-based self-designed activities such as “Chinese Video Games”, “Reading Program” and “Parent-Child Reading Companion Award Program” to encourage and promote Chinese to Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students. This can let them adapt to the local curriculum as soon as possible and integrate into the local community.

Objectives of Non-Chinese Speaking Students Support Services

  1. To support NCS students to learn Chinese in our school
  2. To take care of the growth needs of NCS students
  3. To promote early childhood and social development of NCS students
  4. Construct an inclusive campus to help NCS students to integrate into campus life

If NCS parents have any enquiries, please call our kindergarten at 2345 7744 or email [email protected]