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Admission Application Requirements

School Application

Admission Application Requirements

Our kindergarten has participated in the “Kindergarten Education Program”

EDB website:Admission Arrangements for Kindergarten (K1)

Kindergarten Overview:Kwun Tong Baptist Church Choi Ming Kindergarten

2023 Admission Application Requirements

New Student Open Day cum Parent-Child Carnival: 22 October 2022 (Saturday)

New Student Orientation and Interview: 5 November 2022 (Saturday)

  • Eligibility: Born on or before December 31, 2020 (i.e. 2 years and 8 months for entry in September 2023)
  • How to obtain the application form: (No quota for admission application form)
  1. It can be downloaded from the kindergarten’s website (click here)
  2. It can be obtained in person at our kindergarten: Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Saturday (9am to 12pm)

    • Submission of application form: (No quota for admission application form)

Date: From 1 August 2022 (Monday)

Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Method: Submit the application form in person to the kindergarten / Submit the application form by post to the school

Submit together with the following documents:

        1. A copy of the applicant’s Hong Kong Birth Certificate or Overseas Birth Certificate and proof of identity for residency in Hong Kong
        2. Copy of vaccination record
        3. HK$40 registration fee (non-refundable)
        4. Three return envelopes with a $4 stamp (the child’s name and return address must be written on the envelope)

Meeting Arrangement:

        1. All children who apply for admission will be interviewed
        2. All applications will be notified in writing about the interview arrangement
        3. Parents must accompany their children to the interview (the interview will be conducted in groups and conversations)
        4. For interpretation/translation services, please contact us at 2345 7744 in advance

Admission Criteria:

        1. The overall performance of the child on the day of the interview (attitude, politeness, getting along with others, etc.)
        2. Priority will be given to the following cases:
        • Brothers/sisters who are studying in this kindergarten are given priority
        • Father/Mother works full-time in the kindegarten
        • Father/mother or brother/sister is a graduate of the kindergarten
        • The father/mother works full-time in the institution of the school sponsoring body of the kindergarten
        • Full-time dual parents or those with family needs
        1. If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the academic system, they will be allocated by lottery

Admission results and registration arrangements:

        1. The kindergarten will notify the parents of the admission result by post within two weeks after the interview
        2. Parents are required to register at the kindergarten on January 5, 2023
        • Submit the original “23-24” registration certificate
        • Payment of registration fee: HK$970 (morning class/afternoon class) / HK$1550 (full-day class)
        • According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, the registration fee will be fully refunded after enrollment
        • If parents decide to give up their degree after registration, please notify the kindergarten in writing
        • Parents need to return the “Parent Receipt” to the kindergarten to retrieve the submitted “Registration Certificate”
        • Please be aware that if the parents decide to give up the seat, according to the guidance of the Education Bureau. The registration fee they have paid will not be refunded.

How to apply for “Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission

How to apply for “Tuition Waiver